Yoast SEO Premium v14.8 WordPress SEO优化插件

Yoast SEO Premium是WordPress高级SEO优化插件集合的最新版本。该集合包含:Yoast Local SEO for woomerce,Yoast Local SEO for WordPress,Yoast News SEO for WordPress&Google,Yoast SEO Premium,Yoast Video SEO for WordPress,Yoast woomerce SEO plugin。


Yoast Seo的特点

-Yoast SEO Premium甚至可以预览社交网络!
-Yoast SEO调整了你网站的引擎,这样你就可以创建伟大的内容。
-SEO角色管理:让你的同事访问WordPress Yoast SEO插件的特定部分。


= 14.8 =
Release Date: August 18th, 2020

Get ready for a brand new version of Yoast SEO! In this version you’ll find new Schema functionality, an improved readability analysis for Portuguese & Indonesian, and improved keyword recognition for right-to-left languages. Read more about those changes in [our release post](https://yoa.st/release-14-8)!


* Adds a Schema section to the metabox and sidebar. This section allows the user to change their Schema settings on posts, pages and custom post types.
* Adds a new section to the Search Appearance settings. This section allows the user to change their Schema defaults for posts, pages and custom post types.
* Fixes an inconsistency in the feedback strings that are produced by the keyphrase in SEO title assessment.
* Improves the accuracy of the following assessments for right-to-left languages: sentence length, keyphrase in introduction, keyphrase distribution, keyphrase density, and keyphrase in meta description.
* Improves all keyphrase-based assessments for Arabic by filtering function words and by allowing keyphrases to be recognized in a text when preceded by a prefix (e.g., “ل” or “ب”).
* Adds the following assessments for Indonesian: sentence beginnings, transition words and passive voice.
* Adds the following assessments for Portuguese: Flesch reading ease and passive voice.
* Cleans up Schema @type values:
* If it’s an array with multiple values, only output unique values.
* If it’s a single value, output it as a string instead of an array.


* Fixes a bug where the Yoast Dashboard widget would trigger an error when other plugins or temporary conditions would make the Yoast API response fail.
* Fixes a bug where block editor dependencies would be loaded unnecessarily on classic editor, causing issues with NextGEN gallery. Posts with NextGEN galleries that have been broken due to this bug will need to be re-saved.


* Sets the minimum WP version to 5.4.
* Optimizes the logic involved in default filters for our options. This should lead to a very small increase in performance as well as avoiding an edge case where the default filter would be removed.


Yoast SEO: News v12.4.1
Yoast SEO: Local v12.7
Yoast SEO: WooCommerce v12.5
Yoast SEO: Video v12.4


Yoast SEO Premium v14.8 WordPress SEO优化插件

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